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digital products, services and user experiences with founders, product owners and idea makers.
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How do you work?
We make it work.
We hail to our theoretical backgrounds and our best practices. But when it all comes down to it, we’re pragmatic to the bone.

Sure we know our design thinking and our lean agile process but all situations are unique. When it comes down to it - there’s no perfect world and there’s no catch-all method. 

So what do you do when you need to persuade your stakeholders before you can persuade your users?

What do you do when you’re running out of time and you need to make the smartest shortcuts?

You work from the gut. You cast away the theories and best practices and you do what you do best. 

You make it work!
Sounds great - but what do you actually do?
Strategy and conceptualisation
Taking ideas from a napkin or a powerpoint and visualize it so it becomes tangible and something everyone can relate to and discuss.
Visual design and UX
How will it look in the hands of our users? How do we empower them? This is where functionalism and aestheticism meet and make love.
Branding & Identity
Through storytelling and visual aids we build emotional connections to our users and transform features into experiences.
There's nothing like a well-designed hollow shell, that will make sure everyone is on the same page. Internally and externally.
MLP's - Minimum lovable products
Viable is great - lovable is better. Lovable allows your users to fall in love with your service and ask for more. That's what we want to achieve.
Advisory & Sparring
We've created digital services since the mid 1990'ies. We use our experience to serve as advisors for a number of startups.
What kind of projects are you involved with?
The projects and collaborations we’re involved with, are usually at an early stage. We rarely work with strict delivery specifications but usually meet our clients and partners when an idea has just been formed in their brilliant minds. 

There may be a vision at this point. Or an outline of a business model. Maybe certain strategic og creative demands that need to be met. Or a product that needs some rethinking.

So the questions that need answering are usually something like this:
Who are the stakeholders - and who should be first served? 
Tight timeline, strict budget, high quality output - pick two at the expense of the third.
Who are our users and what are their needs?
How do we shape the very first product launch - and what can we postpone for later?
How do we ensure agility so we can learn and alter our product along the way?
From here on our proces is
thinking  |  making  |  testing  |  repeating
Cool - tell me more about your projects & clients
Startups & scaleups
Home swapping reinvented
Rumly is a new platform for swapping cooperative dwellings and rental homes. With advanced algorithms for matching, Rumly is bringing a whole new way of swapping homes to the market.
Founding partners, Identity, Visual design, UX, Concept & Product development, Prototyping
Unique data & insights in the housing market
Bolighed helps you find a new home. Search alle homes on and off the market and get unique data and insights.
Bolighed was aquired by 4 major banks in 2015.
Founding partners, Identity, Visual design, UX, Concept & Product development, Prototyping
Impact vetting and investments
Valified is a unique service that can analyze the impact a company creates, make way for green investments and to accellerate the green transition
Visual design, UX, Concept & Product development, Prototyping
Platform for on-demand home services.
Happy Helper is the leading danish platform for on-demand home services, having connected over +27.000 households with cleaning services.
Visual design, UX, Concept & Product development
Consult your doctor in the privacy of your home
eLægen.dk offers private and online video sessions with duty doctors and specialty doctors - direct from your computer, smartphone or tablet.
Visual design, UX, Concept & Product development, Prototyping
Marketplace for buying and leasing players
TransferRoom.com is the world's No. 1. online matchmaker for professional football clubs. Over 500 clubs from 44 countries and 78 leagues are using the marketplace.
UX, Concept & Product development
Shaping the future of money
ARYZE is transforming the financial infrastructure to be truly digital. Making way for a free and secure way to handle and transfer money for everyone. Welcome to the future of money!
Visual design, UX, Concept & Product development, Prototyping
Make better choices about the food you eat
The Good Fridge is a digital service that simplifies complicated food labels, long ingredient lists and confusing health signals on food products and provides you with a simple scoring system.
Founding partners, Identity, Visual design, UX, Concept & Product development, Prototyping
Clients & Corporate innovation
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